Pristino Custom Jewelry

Pristino Custom Jewelry is jewelry specifically designed and/or made by us. We start with a beautiful gemstone, then match the stone with a setting that really showcases the stone at it's best. Our gemstones are hand picked and high quality. Most are exotic stones that will not be found from large jewelry retailers or in mass manufactured jewelry, as they are not found in large enough quantity. Quite a few of them are specialty cuts not often seen in the marketplace which add even more value and uniqueness to the gemstones. We make jewelry that we ourselves want to wear. Most pieces are one of a kind, on rare occasions, we may make up to six pieces of one design. You are guaranteed to be wearing a piece that is truly individual and not to be seen on anyone else! Feel free to contact us if you see a piece you love, but would prefer a different size, setting or stone. Not always, but sometimes, we can accommodate you, so it never hurts to ask!

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10K Gold Iolite Ring
10K Gold Iolite Ring GEMSTONE Iolite 1.60 CTW Deep Violet in Color 9x7 Emerald Cushio..
Amber Pendant
Amber Pendant Gemstone- Amber 1.79 ct Green/Yellow Color 12x10 mm Oval Untreated Organic Fro..
Andesine Ring
Andesine Sterling Silver Ring Gemstone- Andesine Red/Blush Color 2.50ct 11x9 Oval Heat Treated..
Blue Apatite Pendant
Blue Apatite Pendant Gemstone- Blue Apatite 1.25ct 7.5x7.5 Trillion Cut Heat Treated Mined in ..
Blue Apatite Ring
Blue Apatite Ring Gemstone- Blue Apatite 1.77 ct 9x7mm Oval Cut Heat Treated Apatite Family M..
Cinnamon Zircon Pendant
Cinnamon Zircon Pendant GEMSTONE Cinnamon Color 8 x 8 mm Trillion Cut Zircon Gemstone..
Iolite Ring Size 6
Iolite Ring Size 6 GEMSTONE Iolite Deep Rich Purple 1.30 CT 9x 7 Oval From India ..
Peridot Ring
Peridot Scarab Ring Peridot Scarab 10x8mm Oval Mined In China Untreated   ..
Raspberry Rhodolite Ring Size 6
Raspberry Rhodolite Ring Size 6 GEMSTONE Rhodolite Raspberry Color 1.46 CT Oval 8x6 Garnet ..
South Sea Pearl Ring Size 8
South Sea Pearl Ring Size 8   10 mm round South Sea Pearl  Organic Untreate..
Sunstone & Black Spinel Ring
Sunstone and Black Spinel Ring Size 9 Sunstone 4.10ct Orange 12 x 10 Oval Cut Mined i..
Tanzanite Ring Size 8
Tanzanite Ring   GEMSTONE  Tanzanite 0.70 CTW Round 6x6 Zoisite Family ..
Zircon and Diamond Ring Size 7
Zircon and Diamond Ring Size 7   GEMSTONE Zircon 1.25 CTW 6x6 Round Cut Cinna..