Iolite Ring Size 6

Iolite Ring Size 6
Iolite Ring Size 6 Iolite Ring Size 6 Iolite Ring Size 6 Iolite Ring Size 6
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Iolite Ring Size 6


  • Iolite
  • Deep Rich Purple
  • 1.30 CT
  • 9x 7 Oval
  • From India
  • UNTREATED! This gemstone if found in the earth with this rich purple naturally!

Iolite, from the Greek word meaning violet, is a gemstone often called the "water sapphire." Because of its soothing beauty, iolite is quickly becoming popular with gem enthusiasts. Iolite is 7-7.5 on hardness scale. Iolite exhibits pleochroism which is seen as three different color shades in the same stone: violet blue, yellow gray and a light blue when the stone is turned in various lighting. This quality makes iolite a very unique stone.

Care and handling: Iolite is harder than many other gems but should still be protected. It can be cleaned with mild dish soap, using a soft-bristle toothbrush to scrub around any corners.


  • Sterling Silver
  • White Gold Head
  • Size 6

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