SoLu Stella

Look for our SoLu Stella Line to be launched in the near future. It will be a line of uniquely designed three stone jewelry that incorporates three stones representing your personal sun, moon and ascendant signs. We already have a link to a astrology chart calculator to determine your personal signs on our Helpful Info page that you will be able to use for this. You will then be able to choose gemstones associated with your signs for your personal piece of jewelry. We are not talking traditional birthstones here, but zodiac gemstones. Check out our chart for Zodiac Stones in our Gemstone Info section to get an idea of the selection that will be offered. We promise a design will be coming that does not look like birthstone jewelry or "Mother" jewelry, so check back for our launch date! In the meantime, if you are curious about "your" stones, go ahead and check out the astrology chart calculator on our Helpful Info page and the table of zodiac stones in our Gemstone Info section!