Pristino Custom Jewelry


Pristino Custom Jewelry is jewelry specifically designed and/or made by us. We start with a beautiful gemstone, then match the stone with a setting that really showcases the stone at it's best. Our gemstones are hand picked and high quality. Most are exotic stones that will not be found from large jewelry retailers or in mass manufactured jewelry, as they are not found in large enough quantity. Quite a few of them are specialty cuts not often seen in the marketplace which add even more value and uniqueness to the gemstones. We make jewelry that we ourselves want to wear. Most pieces are one of a kind, on rare occasions, we may make up to six pieces of one design. You are guaranteed to be wearing a piece that is truly individual and not to be seen on anyone else! Feel free to contact us if you see a piece you love, but would prefer a different size, setting or stone. Not always, but sometimes, we can accommodate you, so it never hurts to ask!

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Di Modi

Di Modi

Our Di Modi Line was inspired by vibrant colors and edgy fashionable settings. We wanted to incorporate quality gemstones that are vibrant and fun with modern and bold settings. Di Modi Jewelry is also very easy to wear. If you have an active lifestyle you will not have to worry about catching prongs on anything, we use only settings with smooth edges. De Modi jewelry stands out!

Pink Chalcedony FrontBlue and Green Quartz ring front

SoLu Stella

SoLu Stella

Look for our SoLu Stella Line to be launched in the near future. It will be a line of uniquely designed three stone jewelry that incorporates three stones representing your personal sun, moon and ascendant signs. We already have a link to a astrology chart calculator to determine your personal signs on our Helpful Info page that you will be able to use for this. You will then be able to choose gemstones associated with your signs for your personal piece of jewelry. We are not talking traditional birthstones here, but zodiac gemstones. Check out our chart for Zodiac Stones in our Gemstone Info section to get an idea of the selection that will be offered. We promise a design will be coming that does not look like birthstone jewelry or "Mother" jewelry, so check back for our launch date! In the meantime, if you are curious about "your" stones, go ahead and check out the astrology chart calculator on our Helpful Info page and the table of zodiac stones in our Gemstone Info section!

Basement Store

Our basement store is full of fine quality jewelry we have acquired over the years. The jewelry is made by reputable designers. In our search for gemstones, we have run into a lot of great deals on pre-made jewelry that we were able to pick up at a low price. Here in the Basement Store, we pass the great deals we find along to you! Great Bargains!

Topaz FrontSapphire ring front

Loose Gemstones

For those of you interested, we have some loose gemstones available for sale as well. As with all gemstones we set in jewelry, we give full disclosure of all information available for each gemstone. For most gemstones, we have complete information including source mined, source cut, carat weight, dimensions, cut, treatment and care instructions.

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