Ordering Policy

Price and Ordering. All prices shown on the website are quoted in United States Dollars. In addition to the price for goods and services, Pristino will add charges for shipping and handling and also sales tax (where required by law) to all orders. Pristino reserves the right without prior notice to discontinue or change specifications and prices on products and services offered on the website without incurring any obligation to you. Descriptions of, or references to, products or services on the website do not imply endorsement of that product or service, or constitute a warranty, by Pristino.

The receipt by you of an order confirmation does not constitute Pristino's acceptance of an order. Prior to Pristino's acceptance of an order, verification of information may be required. Pristino reserves the right at any time after receipt of your order to accept or decline your order, or any portion thereof, even after your receipt of an order confirmation from Pristino, for any reason. Pristino reserves the right to limit the order quantity on any item and to refuse service to any customer without prior notification.

In the event that a product or service is listed at an incorrect price for any reason, including, without limitation, due to supplier pricing information, typographical error, or any other error, Pristino shall have the right to refuse or cancel orders placed for the product listed at the incorrect price, regardless of whether the order has been confirmed and your credit card charged. If your credit card has already been charged for the purchase and your order is canceled, Pristino shall promptly issue a credit to your credit card account in the amount of the incorrect price.

Orders will only be shipped to the address on file with the account used for payment (credit card, debit card, Paypal, etc.).

Please allow ten (10) business days from the date of shipment to notify us of non-delivery.

Last Revised: October 7, 2013

Shipping Policy

All orders are shipped within three (3) business days of payment. Pristino generally uses USPS for shipment. Expedited and international shipments are available for an extra fee. Please contact us at customerservice@pristino.com if you desire one of these shipping services and we will quote the price before shipping the order.

We ship all items with insurance and delivery confirmation services.

Because of various national and international restrictions and customs prohibitions, there are some countries Pristino may not ship to. If you place an order and there is a problem or shipping restriction, we will let you know. The list is not published here as it changes frequently.

The risk of loss and title for all products purchased by you and shipped by Pristino pass to you upon Pristino's delivery to the carrier for delivery by the carrier to your specified delivery address. Once the package is delivered to your specified delivery address, Pristino's assumption of responsibility for non-delivery terminates. Any package signed for at your specified delivery address or delivery at your specified delivery address is verified in writing by the carrier shall be conclusively deemed delivered to your specified delivery address.

Last Revised: October 7, 2013

Returns Policy

We at Pristino Jewelry want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If you are not totally satisfied, please email us immediately, supplying a reason for wanting to return the item. We will then give you instructions for returning the item. The item must be returned within 7 days of receipt to be eligible for refund. The refund will be issued to the card or payment method used to pay for the item.  Refunds will be made within 5 business days of receipt of the item by Pristino. Depending on your financial institution, the refund may take as long as 30 days or two billing cycles to post to your account. Jewelry that has been sized or otherwise altered in any manner by another jeweler or any other individual or sold as non-returnable cannot be returned. Shipping and handling fees are nonrefundable.

Return items should be securely packaged with padding in a box and shipped to:

Pristino Jewelry / Returns
278 Doug Warpoole Rd., Suite 217
Smyrna, TN 37167

We strongly urge you return items with insured/delivery receipt requested service.

Extended Return Policy: Items purchased November 15, 2013 thru December 22, 2013 may be returned for refund or exchange through January 5, 2014.

Any items returned beyond the designated time frames, if accepted, will be subject to a 20% restocking fee.

Last Revised: October 7, 2013

Pristino Social Media Policy

Welcome to Pristino Social Media! We are excited to have you as part of our group, and we look forward to interacting with you. This Policy applies to the various communication and personalization tools and services offered on Pristino Jewelry that are part of our online social media (the "Social Media Services").

Our Social Media Services are presently available to all visitors to Pristino.com ("Users"). In the future, however, certain of our Social Media Services may only available to Users who sign up as Members. We reserve the right to restrict any or all of the Social Media Services to those who have signed up as Members. The Social Media Services may include services such as:

Friends and group lists and other social networking tools, Ratings & Reviews, Member activity pages, photo albums, videos, blogs, forums, chat areas, groups invitees, and comments.

The Social Media Services are also governed by our website Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.

As used in this Agreement:

"Members" means persons who have submitted the information required by Pristino to become a Member in some or all of the Social Media Services.

"Posting" means any written comment by a User.

"Pristino Pages" means your personalized pages in the Pristino group.

"User Generated Content" is any content that is displayed in connection with the Social Media Services that is not submitted by Pristino. Examples of User Generated Content include Postings by Users, Pristino Social Media group "profiles," the videos you post, and the photos and information on your Pristino Pages.

"Administrators" or "Admins" are the individuals who Admin, moderate or supervise the Social Media Services on behalf of the Pristino group, including our staff that participate in Forums and Admin our Blogs.

Social Media Services Advertisements and Communications

You understand and agree that the Social Media Services and the pages on which Social Media Services are provided may include advertisements and that these advertisements are necessary for us to provide the Social MediaServices. You also understand and agree that we may send you certain communications in connection with the Social Media Services, such as service announcements and administrative messages, and that you will not be able to opt out of receiving those communications, and that we may send you copies of any periodic newsletters or similar informative communications we send to Users generally (but you will have the opportunity to opt out of receiving future issues at any time). Any communications sent to you personally concerning your participation in the Social Media Services or related matters are not intended to be made public, and you agree not to post those communications in the Social Media Services or elsewhere on the Internet.

Member Identification and Use of Registration Data

As part of the registration process, you must select a username and password. You agree to register only once using a single username. The information that you supply during the registration process must be accurate and complete and you agree to not (i) register under the name of another person; (ii) choose a username that constitutes or suggests an impersonization of any other person or entity or that you are a representative of an entity when you are not, or that is offensive; (iii) choose a username for the purposes of deceiving or misleading other Users and/or the Admins as to your true identity; or (iv) choose a username that incorporates a solicitation (e.g., yoursitedotcom, jewelrystorename, isellrolexes). You represent and warrant to us that all of the information provided by you to us about you in connection with your participation in the Social Media Services is correct and current.

Your Forums profile is only displayed to other Users.

Your Pristino profile contains both required and optional information. Unless otherwise noted, optional information is displayed both to other Users as well as to visitors to your PristinoPages.

For more information regarding how we handle the information that you provide us, please review our Privacy Policy.

Keeping Your Personal Information Private

No User Generated Content will be treated as confidential or proprietary, and it may be used by Pristino or others without restriction.

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your password. You are responsible for all usage and activity in the Social Media Services through your username and password, including use of your username and password by any third party. Your account is unique to you and may not be transferred to any third party. You should notify us of any known or suspected unauthorized use of your username and password.

We recommend that you do not give out or display in the Social Media Services certain personal information, such as your full name, email address, street address, phone number or password. Members should be aware that disclosure of such information raises safety concerns and may result in solicitations from third parties not authorized by the Pristino group or other unwanted communications. We disclaim any responsibility or liability arising from your disclosure of such personal information, or any other information, in the Social Media Services. You likewise agree to release us from any liability arising from any such disclosure of personal information by you.

User Generated Content Management

While we have no obligation to do so, we do our best to monitor most of the User Generated Content of the Social Media Services. However, since we do not monitor on a "real time" basis, you may see User Generated Content that is objectionable before we do. Please report such actions to the Admins. You understand that User Generated Content of the other Users is based on their individual opinion and experience, which may vary significantly from one person to the next. We do not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of any User Generated Content, and you agree that we are not responsible for the accuracy of User Generated Content and release us for any and all claims for damages you may incur as a result of the submission or use thereof.

We do not guarantee that any of your User Generated Content will not be subject to inadvertent damage, corruption or destruction. You are responsible for backing up, on your own computer, any User Generated Content that is important to you. You agree that we will not be responsible for any archiving or backup of any such materials, and we will not have any obligation or liability to you if any of your User Generated Content is damaged, lost or corrupted in any way or for any reason, or for the deletion of your User Generated Content if your access or account is terminated or deactivated.

User Conduct

We welcome all points of view on jewelry and gemstone matters. However, good manners are a must in the Pristino group. Please respect and interact with fellow Users in a polite and civil manner. Civility and respect underlie the success of an on-line community; if you wish to take issue with the statements of other Users or the Admins, please engage in healthy, mature debate and not immature behavior or name-calling. While we want to maintain an inviting environment for all Users, disruptive conduct, such as off-topic comments in a topic-oriented discussion in the Forums, is not allowed. Neither is "spam" (i.e., posting your message in multiple places throughout the Social Media Services).

The Forums are areas for the exchange of information and advice. Questions asked may be answered within the Forums, but please do not attempt to take the conversation out of the Forums (such as by requesting that an answer be emailed). Such actions deprive other Users of the benefit of the Forums.

All written User Generated Content must be in English.

Profanity, Harassment and Other Inappropriate Conduct

You may not submit User Generated Content that could be considered indecent, profane (including masked profanity where symbols, initials, intentional misspellings or other characters are used to suggest profane language), obscene, pornographic, abusive, threatening, misleading, illegal or defamatory, or any material that interferes with the ability of others to enjoy the Social Media Services. We wish to maintain a family-friendly, "G-rated" environment. Please use this as your guideline when in doubt.

In addition, we do not tolerate Users harassing, threatening or embarrassing other Users, including harassment or denigration based on age, gender, race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or disability, or the stalking of other Users ("cyberstalking"). You agree not to engage in this behavior.

Illegal and Objectionable Activities

We do not allow the promotion of illegal conduct or activities or fraudulent schemes in the Social Media Services. Specifically, you may not advocate illegal conduct of any kind. You also agree to not engage in any illegal activity in connection with your participation in or use of the Social Media Services, and to not impersonate any other person, including any other User or any Admin.

Rights of Third Parties

You may not submit User Generated Content that infringe in any manner on the copyright, trademark or intellectual property rights of any person or entity, or that contain any confidential or proprietary information of any person or entity, or that otherwise violate the legal rights of any person or entity. You may not use the Social Media Services to distribute unauthorized copies of copyrighted material, including photos, artwork text, recordings, designs or computer programs.

You may not submit User Generated Content that contains personally identifiable information about other people, such as their phone number, street address or email address, or information about other people that could result in an invasion of their privacy or their harassment.

If you believe that your work has been copied in a Social Media Service in a manner that constitutes copyright infringement or otherwise violates your rights, please provide the notice required to customerservice@pristino.com or in writing to Pristino Jewelry, 278 Doug Warpoole Rd., Suite 217, Smyrna, TN 37167.

You may not harvest or collect information about other Users from the Pristino group, including usernames, or use that information for the purpose of sending unsolicited bulk communications. You may not use or provide to any person or entity, whether or not for a fee, any directory of or information regarding other Users.

Promotions and Solicitations

You agree that, except with our prior consent, you will not upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise use any Social Media Service to make or distribute any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, contests, sweepstakes, survey requests or promotional materials or implore Users to take actions that are intended to further a personal or commercial purpose. You agree you will not use information supplied within the Social Media Services to do any of the foregoing, by email or any other method. You agree not to gather public email addresses from User profiles for any purpose. You agree that your Postings will not promote, link to or encourage others to visit jewelry and gemstone web sites that provide message boards, forums or chats.

The Admins will remove any link they believe does not provide value to Users. Links included as a part of your signature line are not permitted and may be removed by the Admins.
Pristino vendors, contractors and employees are prohibited from providing User Generated Content to the Social Media Services unless authorized by Pristino.

License of User Generated Content to Us

You agree that, by submitting User Generated Content to the Social Media Services, you are granting and conveying to us a non-exclusive, worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable and fully assignable and sub-licensable right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, edit, reformat, create derivative works from, distribute, display and provide to third parties that User Generated Content throughout the world for any purpose and in any media. You are also granting and conveying to us the non-exclusive right to seek to enjoin and/or obtain damages from any third party from the unauthorized use or reproduction of your User Generated Content, as well as the right to attribute your User Generated Content to you and you waive any "moral rights" in your User Generated Content. You agree that you will not use or reproduce any User Generated Content of any other User in any manner or in any media, including posting or republishing any User Generated Content of another User on any other Web site. You may, however, occasionally reprint or post excerpts, not to exceed 50 words, from a single Posting of another User if it is clear that the original and full Posting is available within the Social Media Services. You agree to such use of your Postings and User Generated Content by other Users. Within the Pristino group, you may also display a link to, or the address of, the page of the Pristino group on which any User Generated Content appears.

Your Profile and Pages

Pristino.com may give you the option, as a registered User, to create a social networking profile and Pristino pages. In using these services, please note that you may not:

Sell or otherwise transfer your username (which is both your identity within the Social Media Services and included in the address of your Pristino pages); Resell, rent or sublease your Pristino Pages; Solicit for advertisers or sponsors; Send unsolicited advertising, promotional materials or commercial solicitations to third parties, including other Users; or Post sponsorships or third-party advertisements or banners.

Use of our Trade Names

You acknowledge that we own and reserve all right, title and interest in and to our Trade Name, and that we reserve the right to disapprove any use by you or by others of our Trade Name. You agree that if requested by us, you will promptly terminate all use of any of our Trade Name, and that we may so request if any use of any of our Trade Name is not in accordance with the terms of this Agreement, does not meet the high standards of quality established by Pristino with respect to the use of our Trade Name, or would expose Pristino to any risk of liability or loss. You agree not to: (i) take any actions that would adversely affect our rights in our Trade Name, or (ii) file any application or other document with any governmental authority to register any corporate name, trade name, trademark, service mark, certification mark, collective mark or other similar designation that includes our Trade Name or any confusingly similar names, or (iii) take any other action that is inconsistent with our rights in our Trade Name (or aid or abet any third person in doing so).

Social Media Security; Violations of Law

Violations of system and network security are prohibited, and may result in criminal and civil liability. Examples of system and network security violations include the following:

Any automated use of the system, such as using scripts to add friends;

Use of software that allows you to stay logged on while you are not actively using the Social Media Services;

Unauthorized access to or use of data, systems or networks, including any attempt to probe, scan or test the vulnerability of a system or network or to breach security or authentication measures without the express authorization of Pristino; and Posting of viruses, Trojan horses, worms, corrupted files or any other material or data that could damage another person's computer.

We may investigate incidents involving such violations, any violations of this Agreement that may constitute or have the potential to constitute violations of law, and any activity by Users on the Pristino group or the Social Media Services that constitute or may constitute violations of law. You understand that we may report any such activity to, and cooperate with, law enforcement, with or without receipt by us of a subpoena or other legal process, which may include without limitation disclosure of the information that you have provided to us about you.

Last Revised: October 7, 2013